How to Keep Your Energy Up While Traveling

Traveling can be exhausting... here are my best tricks and tips to keep your energy up while traveling and avoid jet lag!

May 26, 2016|

The Best Time to Go to Croatia

Croatia is easily one of my favorite destinations. There is so much to do year round but each season has highlights. Here's the best time to go to Croatia!

May 25, 2016|

5 Romantic Places for Couples in Florence

After living in Florence, we have to admit it is one of the most romantic Italian cities we've experienced. Here are the top romantic places for couples in Florence!

May 24, 2016|

Why South Africa May Be the World’s Best Wine Region

I have fallen completely head over heels for South Africa and I'm here to tell you why South Africa may be the world's best region!

May 23, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Food in Madrid

I went to Madrid for the third time recently, and was really excited to do so. Here are my top picks of places for the best food in Madrid!

May 22, 2016|

Why You Should Book Your Next Flight with Dohop

Dohop is a flight finder based in Reykjavik—similar to other flight comparison sites—but much more user-friendly in my opinion.

May 19, 2016|

The Top Destinations for Couples this Summer

Travel can be one of the best things you do for your relationship. We've compiled the top destinations for couples to travel to this summer!

May 18, 2016|

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Stellenbosch

Home to beautiful boutique hotels, world class winelands and one of the best farm-to-table scenes I've ever seen, here's why you need to visit Stellenbosch!

May 16, 2016|

Driving the Cape Peninsula in a Day

There are few vistas as breathtaking as the oceanic drive along Cape Peninsula Road. Start your day with a sunrise on the Indian Ocean and end it with a sunset over the Atlantic.

May 12, 2016|

The Girl’s Guide to a California Coast Road Trip

A stay in California wouldn’t be complete without a road trip up Pacific Coast Highway. Here's the ultimate girl's guide to the California Coast road trip!

May 10, 2016|

Mexico-Inspired Travel Nails

To get ready for this trip, I wanted to try out a travel nails style that was inspired by the desert and jungle vibes of Mexico!

May 9, 2016|

The Reality of Traveling as a Couple

The reality of traveling as a couple is the reality of a relationship. Challenges inevitably arise, and travel can make you closer together.

May 7, 2016|