Visiting Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Each winding turn at Plitvice Lakes brought a new visual wonder, whether it was a waterfall or some unique flora. I swore I'd spot a fairy at some point!

September 30, 2014|13 Comments

Why Gentse Feesten Should be on Your Travel Bucketlist

The Gentse Feesten (Flemish for Ghent Festival) has been around for over 150 years and is one of the biggest and most popular cultural festivals in Europe.

September 28, 2014|4 Comments

How to Connect with Locals in Southeast Asia

When it comes to visiting a new region it can be difficult to meet and travel with locals. Here are my tips on how to connect with locals in Southeast Asia.

September 26, 2014|6 Comments

VIDEO: My Burning Man Experience

I’m still searching for a way to describe my first experience at Burning Man. But, there are simply no words. Instead, I figured I'd show you!

September 25, 2014|6 Comments

The Ultimate Summer Soundtrack

Check out my nearly 5-hour long summer soundtrack with all of my favorite songs. I hope that it takes you to a sunny place and puts a smile on your face!

September 23, 2014|6 Comments