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  1. Lamiae

    Wow, this was so accurate it’s scary!
    In most rural cities, Moroccans will wear you out psychologically! But there’s no actual physical danger!
    I was born and raised in Morocco, and traveled pretty much all over the world, but I would never dare travel Morocco alone, unless it’s a work trip where my stops are planned in advance! Exploring on my own would be psychologically handicapping. The anxiety before stepping out would take a toll after a while.
    Renting a car actually changes the whole game! Because you don’t have to interact with anyone while moving! It really changes the experience from exhausting to a stroll in the park!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Lamiae! While I have traveled to Morocco myself and have had no problems, there are definitely some culture shock situations that tend to ware travelers down, so I understand. Renting a car is a great thing to do to get around, though I’ve preferred to hire a driver that knows the lay of the land 🙂