Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel

Over the years, I’ve featured dozens of  travel tips and destination guides for the solo female traveler, but I wanted to put together a comprehensive female travel resource for anyone—whether you are a first-time solo traveler looking for that extra push to take their first trip, or a seasoned traveler.

Check out my ultimate guide to Solo Female Travel!

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Research and Book in Advance

Research before you go—weather, local customs, dress codes. Make sure you know the basics of what to expect before you step off the plane. You’ll make better choices and get the most out of your trip.

Is it your first time traveling solo? The most important thing to take with you is common sense. Always book your first night’s stay regardless—you’ll rest easily knowing you won’t have to deal with finding a hotel while jet lagged. And always have a backup plan.

Keep the address to your hotel in a notebook and carry your passport and some extra cash in a well-concealed spot. Lastly, don’t forget your travel insurance!

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Assure Your Loved Ones

One of the most difficult conversations that you can have in the build up to your plans to go traveling is explaining to your loved ones what you are planning to do, and dealing with their reactions to the announcement.

It’s common for those that care about us to be concerned with a solo trip. This concern is not limited to parents, but spouses, siblings and friends may all have valid reasons to be worried about you traveling solo.

Solo travel is an amazing and exciting adventure for many people and can be empowering and life changing, but if your loved ones are likely to try and talk you out of it or may be upset about your choice, it might be worth planning the conversation to try and keep things on track.

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Face Your Fears

The world is a magical, challenging, fascinating place. Don’t be intimidated by it! Travel is all about breaking out of your comfort zone, and growing beyond your own self-set boundaries.

Don’t let your fears,  of safety, thoughts of being lonely, or concerns of getting stranded stop you from discovering yourself and the world. Go even if you aren’t sure—travel can expand your perspective and empower your sense of self.

You won’t regret it. So grab the adventure by the reigns, and ride on!

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Backpacking Europe

Pack What You Need but Avoid Overpacking

Nine times out of ten, you’ll stuff your luggage with items that end up never seeing the light of day. Avoid overpacking with a few standard tips:

  • Make a checklist.
  • Pack only a few shirts and pants or dresses that you can mix and match.
  • Pack just two to three good pairs of shoes (they are the traveler’s ultimate essential item with all that trekking you’ll be doing).

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Pick the Right Destinations

Follow your wanderlust—just make sure it’s a safe destination, or know what to expect before you go. The first step would be to pick a city or region that has low reports of crime.

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip better if you don’t have to worry about pickpockets or muggings. Start by knowing yourself. If you can’t handle unwanted attention from men, book tickets to places that are more female friendly.

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Survive the Flight

Staying smart on the plane is the key to staying sane. If you’re cramped up for hours with blasting A/C, it can take a toll on your health. Pack a few refreshing items—a hairbrush, toothbrush, travel-sized deodorant, and breath mints.

It’s the little things that do wonders to pick up your mood. Stay hydrated—drink water and avoid coffee and alcohol while on the plane. Wear loose-fitting leggings and slip-on shoes to stay comfortable and to keep your circulation flowing.

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Stay Healthy

Let’s face it—travel creates some obstacles to your fitness routine. Traveling with extra workout clothes and equipment isn’t always an option, and who has time for the gym when there’s a foreign cobblestone street calling your name?

But keeping fit on the go doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ve compiled some awesome exercise essentials, tips for keeping a balanced diet, and how-tos on resetting your sleep schedule after long travel days!

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Angkor Wat Cambodia

Traveling Solo

Solo travel gives as much as you put into it. Be confident, smart, and informed—you’ll find the destination blooms right before you.

Be safe: use your basic street smarts, be assertive, and keep your valuables close and hidden. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Open up, be warm and friendly, and get to know the locals. A smile can go a long way in helping you meet fascinating people and like-minded travelers.

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