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  1. Laura Hughes

    Great article, thank you! I’m in the middle of planning a trip to Thailand for the end of Marc h and plan to island hop. I’m wondering if you could please let me know how often the ferries run and if it’s better to get my ticket ahead of time online in the US or if I can do it there easily. I checked out one ferry site and it looked like they only had 1 ferry run a day. Any info would help! Thanks so much!

    • Hey babe! I haven’t been to Thailand in years! I’m not sure how often the ferries run these days. If there is only one ferry a day showing, I’d plan your itinerary around that. You can buy tickets on the day or online from the ferry sites. But if you’re going during peak season and want to make sure you have a spot, I’d buy it before hand.

  2. Kirstie


    Great Blog! and super helpful, just wanted to ask when travelling from island to island how did you manage luggage? did you travel with a suitcase or a backpack? and do you think its possible to travel with a suitcase ?

    Thank you,

    • Hey babe! You can travel with a suitcase, but I’d recommend a backpack. It will make getting around easier.