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  1. natasha

    I am working on booking a trip to Thailand in April we will begin in phuket and want to make our way to the full moon part on 4/29 any helpful hints on how to do this and where to stop and explore in between. We depart Thailand on 4/30 headed to bali 🙂

    • Amadeus

      Hey there.. i am Actually planing a trip for April as well and planing to attend the full moon party. Late April though. Planing to land in Thailand April 24/2018. I am Going solo as my first trip to Thailand. Maybe we could run into each other there. I’ve heard so much about the moon party and want to hit it.

  2. EF

    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone can comment on taking the ferry from Koh Samui to the Full Moon Party recently? I am planning to stay on Koh Samui for New Year’s Eve in December 2018. I would love to attend the party on Haad Rin, but am worried the boats will be too crowded and I won’t be able to get over there. Thanks so much in advance!