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  1. Looks like I missed it by a LONG time… But I love getting to see people enjoying boats and being out on the water!! We’re on a sailing trip ourselves, though much longer than just one week… (a 3-5 year sailing around the world trip).

  2. Preston


    I was wondering what you thought about the hostess as well. I don’t think we’ll be partying the whole time, and since we’d get an 11th person that’s an extra $1000 that we could redistribute to people for meals on land or something.

    We’re doing the Athens route if that helps.

    • In my experience, having a hostess is amazing if you have a rowdier group that is bound to make a mess. However, if you have more chill people onboard that you think will take care of things, then I don’t think it’s essential. Hope that helps!

      • Preston Nix

        Hey Kiersten,

        I just got back from out Yacht Week trip and you were spot on. Thanks for the advice.

        May run into you some day and if so drinks are on me since you saved me the cost of a hostess, haha.