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  1. Prague Architecture tour

    Yes, one of the most visited statues on the Charles bridge is the Statue of.St. John of Nepomuk, the base of the statue has a brass depiction of a dog, that people touch for good luck(don’t put your fingers in your mouth after you do so, because a lot of other people touch it)

    The statue is there as a part of the counter-reformation in the 1650, when the Catholics managed to subdue the budding Protestant movement. St, John was invented or brought into fashion as a pious and faithful saint whose morality and growing legend could rival the personality of the Good Prince Wenceslaus-St. Wenceslaus, who we know from the Christmas carroll.

    Under his statue on the Charles bridge is is a plaque depicting his deeds, by legend he was the private confession priest of the daughter in law of Charles IV, one day she confessed something to the St. John and her husband Wenceslaus IV, the son of Charles IV, was jealous and wanted to find out what she has confessed, so he summoned St. John who wouldn’t tell him what his wife had confessed to hims, so he had his tongue cut out , and thrown off the Charles bridge- people touch the dog for good luck, that they will return to Prague, because a dog symbolizes loyalty , like St. John who was loyal to his priestly promise of confidentiality not to reveal what was being confessed to him.

  2. Samuel Franke

    Prague is an amazing city and the prices are quite low (2 euros for a beer). I went there and had a great time. I was particularly impressed by the National Technical Museum and the Prague Zoo. As for the night life, Prague, similar to many Eastern European big cities has a great nightlife. I recommend James Dean and Cross Club. As for the cuisine, I was impressed on how they pair cheese with beer. I had some pickled camembert with pickled cabbage that was quite spectacular. Also, I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned Trdelník – I don’t know if they had it when you went there, but now they’re filling it with ice-cream 😀 :D. (also, the whole thing, including the ice cream, was black).

    Even though some central attractions are tourist traps, I’ve managed to stay clear of them. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the city center was very crowded – mostly Charles Bridge.

    Anyway, I was there for 6 days and I still feel that I’ve missed out on many attractions. I’ll definitely be back again for more.