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  1. Dalziel McAlister

    I really wanted to go Amalfi coast this year, but reading reviews about how busy and difficult it was to get there, I decided on Matera in Italy instead.

    After reading your post, I think I definitely need to rethink and get my self to the Amalfi coast!

  2. Eisve

    Kiersten, I love that you included a video about Positano, it truly reveals the beauty of it! And you experienced a lot in it as only for a short half-day stop. But there are so much more to see in the Amalfi coast.

    We were so glad we didn’t take the tour to this coast, because one day there is not enough! We spent night in Amalfi and walked through the labyrinth of stairways and narrow alleys connecting different towns in the coast.

    You can also get to experience how the famous your mentioned limoncello is made. And visit the lemon trees yards which are on the hight cliffs. So it’s definitely worth to spend more than a day in Amalfi coast. you will get to experience why it’s the most memorable destination in the entire Italy.

    • Totally agree! Would love to go back and see more 🙂