The Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing destination that has a lot to offer a traveler, whether you’re staying for just a week, or are taking a long-term exploration of the country.

The islands in Thailand are famous for their wonderful beaches, laid back vibe and excellent activities, such as scuba diving.

The area is inexpensive when you compare it to other tropical island chains- I managed a budget as low as $20 a day. If you travel at the right time of year, you will find that island hopping is a great way to take in this stunning part of the country.

Here’s my ultimate guide to island hopping in Thailand!

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

My Thailand Island Hopping Itinerary

To help inspire your trip planning, here’s a rough outline of my personal itinerary from backpacking in Thailand a few years ago. I’ve included how many days I spent in each destination, how I traveled from one destination to the next and the price of transportation.

  • Fly Bangkok to Phuket (Around $150)

Phuket – 1 night

  • Ferry to Ko Phi Phi (Less than $10 for boat)

Ko Phi Phi – 3 nights

  • Ferry to Krabi (Haggle for best price. Less than $10)

Krabi – 2 nights

  • Bus and Ferry to Ko Samui (Less than $15)

Ko Samui – 3 nights

  • Ferry to Ko Pha Ngan (Less than $10)

Ko Pha Ngan – 3 nights

  • Ferry to Ko Tao (Less than $10)

Ko Tao – 2-3 nights

  • Overnight bus to Bangkok (Less than $20)

Bangkok – 3 nights

Flying over Phuket

Traveling from Bangkok to Phuket

Most people who arrive into Thailand will connect through Bangkok and will start their hopping loop in Phuket, like I did.

There are several different ways to get from Bangkok to Phuket, and while bus options are usually the cheapest, costing the equivalent of around $20, they also can take up to thirteen hours, and often will be in fairly cramped conditions.

Traveling by train and then a shorter bus will usually be around six hours, and cost the equivalent of around $30, while a flight is the quickest way, and usually costs around the equivalent of $50 if booked in advance.

Although the plane is clearly the quickest, the railway and bus journey offer interesting scenery while also being a more environmentally friendly way to travel.

Phi Phi Ley

Top Destinations to Include on Your Trip

  • Phuket

While Phuket was my least favorite destination on my trip based on Patong Beach’s huge backpacker party scene, it’s well worth renting a private villa in a more remote area. Patong beach does have an amazing weekend night market which I highly recommend visiting!

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  • Ko Phi Phi

This is the natural next stop on your island hopping adventure when leaving Phuket, with a regular ferry service provided by several companies between the two islands. There’s excellent scuba diving and individual Phi Phi islands (including the famous “Beach” movie location).

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  • Ko Samui

Most people will pop back to the mainland in Krabi after Ko Phi Phi, and take a bus to head by ferry over to Ko Samui. Idyllic beaches such as Lipa Noi are found here, and there are countless activities like a day trip to Big Buddha Temple and Na Muang Waterfall.

  • Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is well-known for the Full Moon Party, which is a monthly festival that draws in thousands of people from around the world to the beach for an world-famous dance party.

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  • Ko Tao

Ko Tao is an inexpensive ferry ride from Ko Pha Ngan, taking around an hour and a quarter. This is an island where you can really get into contact with nature, weather it’s helping with sea turtle rehabilitation or learning to scuba dive.

Funny sign in Thailand

Staying Safe As You Explore The Islands

It is important to be careful when you are island hopping, as the ferries between each island may be inexpensive, but they don’t always have the best safety record.

Ensure that you have a look at the ferry to check there are sufficient lifeboats and that it isn’t too crowded before boarding, and if you have any doubts, it may be best to go with another ferry company.

Thai people are generally very friendly, hence the nickname “The Land of Smiles,” but always use your best judgement. Also, Thai drug laws are also incredibly strict, so don’t take any risks.

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