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  1. Ruchi

    Beautiful POst!!
    But tell me how do u manage to take these amazing pictures when you are alone? Can we easily trust someone with our camera to take pictures? Especially if its a long shot from far away! any tips??

    • I usually use my GoPro or I just ask someone to take a photo and hope for the best!

  2. Cat

    Really great job on this site! Enjoying your posts…

    I travelled solo across the US at 19 when I bought a car and left NY to live in San Diego, CA. Didn’t know a soul… It was an amazing, liberating experience. I still travel that way and yes, people think I’m weird, but I really don’t care. Traveling with others can be restricting and not everyone travels well, together, so I enjoy it immensely.

    I also backpacked Europe solo for a month and a half, which was just incredible. I highly recommend it to any female considering it. One does need to be aware, confident, and prepared, but people can be very friendly and helpful when you’re solo.

    Plitvice Lakes, Angkor Wat, and Pamukkale, Turkey are all on my list.

    Blessings, Sisters~!