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  1. Ashley Weintraub

    Hi! How do you decide how much of each item you brought with you? I am going to Tanzania in a month and will be going to three different lodges for 8 days before going to Zanzibar for 2 days. I am such a clueless packer and have a tendency to over pack. Thanks for this great information!

    • I would say one of each of the bulkier things and maybe 2-3 smaller things. Packing lighter is always better in my opinion!

  2. Constanza Barraza

    Hi Kiersten!
    I was wondering what kind of suitcase did you bring to your trip with all the strict requirements. I travel in about two weeks and I’m not sure what’s the best type of luggage I should bring with the soft requirement (btw I’m staying there for a month!)

    Thank you so much!

    Ps: I love the new website!!

    • Thanks!! For the safari you’ll need to use a soft bag, like a duffel bag. Then, pack LIGHT and use a soft duffel bag. I recommend a soft duffel bag and this is one I like since it can also be worn as a backpack: