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  1. Maria

    Thank you! I am a 65 years old woman, who became a widow 5 years ago. For 40 years I planned trips with my husband and one day, an ordinary day, I was a woman with a traveling partner and within hours that day became extraordinary brutal and I was alone. Few months ago I decided I was going to start “taking back” my love for travel and NYC was a place we loved and this time I was going alone and searching the web and looking for information on “traveling alone” I found you…..and I went back to NYC and it was good. Now I am planning another trip. Your site is priceless, thank you and keep on traveling, share your experiences and be safe….Love, Maria

  2. Jen

    Where did you get the white and red scarf from ! I am going to Morocco in 2 months and I want to get a scarf like that 🙂

    • Hey babe! The scarf is linked in the “essentials” section as well as at the bottom of the post.