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  1. Hi Kiki!
    Amazing blog post! I’m trying to plan my 5th year anniversary this year. Do you know how much +- will cost the whole itinerary? Would it be worth going the first or second week of September?


    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Jazmín! Thank you, thank you! The budget for your trip completely depends on accommodations and how much you’re spending on meals, and fuel.

      For our Garden Route road trip, we spent between R1500-3600 per night on luxury family-style accommodation. There’s a variety of accommodation for all budgets along the Garden Route from hotels to campsites to self-catering guest homes.

      We spent on average R150-240 ($10-18) per person per meal at some of the best restaurants along the Garden Route. However, you can eat for MUCH cheaper, especially if you stay at self-catering accommodation and cook for yourself!

      Petrol will be one of your biggest expenses that you’ll need to budget for when planning a Garden Route road trip. We spent between R4500-5000 (but keep in mind that I drive a heavy 4×4 Land Rover Defender). You could rent a much more economical car and spend about half what we did.

  2. Matt

    Who did you hire the land rover through? Thanks

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Matt, didn’t rent it—that’s actually my car! 🙂