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  1. surendra zotinge

    My name is surendra zotinge.
    My age is 32 and I am from Mumbai India.
    Basically I am a yoga teacher, I am in this profession from 2012.
    I started my yoga carrier as a student, after almost 8 years also still i am student of this never ending learning zone but in this year’s my growth was from normal man to a peaceful, carrying and matured human is only because of the yoga.
    I am working in mumbai and I teach to personal as well as for group and for corporate clients.
    I also organized some social, and charity yoga seminar only for health awareness purpose.
    My aim is to teach yoga in a very simple way to every person of this planet who want to improve his mental stress, as well as physical fitness.
    Yoga practice is just not only important for our external fitness at a Same time yoga is very important for our internal body which means our organs, mind and soul.
    Between the year of 2017 to 2018 I was resident yoga teacher in ayurvedic village which is a ayurvedic resident treatment center.
    Where I saw more than 500 clients and I saw basic misunderstanding from yoga. I want to spread that awareness.
    I can easily accept any challenges for lightness, flexibility, stability.
    At a Same time
    I can teach some special skills to improve concentration, focus and centralisation and breath.
    I can also tech ti a client who wants to learn yoga only for few days, ( resort/hotel clients)
    I am positive to take some new challenges in new place.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Surendra! Thanks so much for reaching out – but I am not employing yoga teachers — this is just a post explaining about different jobs which allow you to travel around the world. Best of luck in your job search 🙂

  2. Karthik

    Hi ..i am karthik from mysore ……first of all …i am glad to thank you for ur wonderful information about yoga and about jobs……basically I am also yoga teacher…….I am practicing yoga last 17 years……In teaching i have 8 years of experience…….I did YTTC 500HR, SUSPENSION YOGA TTC, ACRO YOGA TTC, DIPLOMA IN YOGA THERAPY, ROPE YOGA,……even I did MASTERS IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT,…….at present I am working as yoga teacher in mysore … I have plan to go out of my country teach yoga and all but ……your information is very good that……….once again thank you


    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Karthik! So glad you found this blog. I do love yoga and think it’s invaluable for overall health and wellbeing 🙂