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  1. Lauren

    I am going to Croatia in September and am looking to book the same tour you did with Adriatic4You. Do you think it’s worth going to Sibenki before Krka or looking back would you have just gone to Krka?

    • I think Sibenik is cool and worth going to!

  2. Sherry Spencer

    Hi KiKi. I love your blog- so helpful with stunning pictures! I am researching my daughter’s honeymoon to Croatia. They are flying into Dubrovnik and after stopping at Hvar and other island destinations (your suggestions would be appreciated) they will spend time in Split and tour KrKa National Park. QUESTION: how would you suggest they get back to Dubrovnik to fly out?? Other than ferrying back to Dubrovnik from Split adding different destinations, I thought they could hire a car from Dubrovnik to Split, then tour KrKa on their own, drop the rental car in Split (hopefully without a huge penalty) and then tour the islands from Split via ferry back to Dubrovnik. What do you think???

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Sherry, it looks like you’ve done quite a bit of research. Kudos to you!! Hiring a car is definitely an option if they’re comfortable with driving there—however, I know how difficult it can sometimes be driving in a foreign destination. They might want to look into public transport options as an alternative *just in case*…so the ferry would be great! Talking to a travel agent would be my next move. Hope that helps!