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  1. T Dyson

    I have always wanted to buy somewhere in Greece with out exploring I’m not sure where I would like to settle so thinking of 6 months viewing different islands & prices of property. I was thinking of a long term rental probably buying a car and using the ferries, what do you suggest x

    • Hey! I can’t really give any personal advice as I haven’t spent that long in Greece. Have you tried contacting some expats who live on the different islands and getting their perspective?

      • T Dyson

        Thank you for getting back to me babe, I’m actually going to Corfu for a week soon so that’s was my plan, any forums or any further advice would be much appreciated. I have a business here so need to work out a travelling schedule so need to speak to as many people as possible cheers Tamara x

  2. valeria mejia

    hello, we want to go to santroni, paros and then athens. do you recommend to flight or take a ferry within the islands? Thank you

    • I’d take a ferry if you can! It’s better for the environment!