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  1. Hudson Jack

    I always wanted to see Brazil but your posts are making me want to go more and more. What A fascinating writing. Enjoyed every line of it. Brazil is on my next travel list. Very excited to go there. These are some serious photography. Very rich in life. Thank you for sharing this. 💮💮

    • That makes me so happy! I hope you have an incredible trip to Brazil!

  2. Ana

    Hi Kiki!

    I’m Ana, I’m from brazil! I hope you come visit Rio again soon!
    I love your post! that’s exactly what I would recommend people to do when in Rio!
    Next time you need to go to Angra dos Reis, a beach place close to Rio that is just amazing! pretty sure you are gonna love it!

    just a quick update: Cafeina (Leblon) is not opened anymore. They still have store in other neighborhoods (Copacabana and Ipanema!)

    Hope to see you soon in Rio!

    warm regards!

    • Hey babe! Thank you so much for the update!