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  1. Quentin

    I just want to know what the total budget of this trip. Happy to schedule my next trip in Ireland.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Quentin! I was traveling with a couple of my girlfriends and we split the costs along the way. There are 1-2 places I stayed at during the course of the trip that I ended up not enjoying as much as I thought I would so I didn’t include them on this itinerary—I didn’t want others to have a poor experience, and they were quite pricey locations.

      Overall, I think your budget will depend on how many days you’re traveling for and how many people you’re traveling with because that will determine how much you split gas and lodgings. Then you just need to factor in food and other excursions. I hope that helps!

  2. Terry

    Have never visited Ireland, but looking to go soon. The weather can be ever-unpredictable I’m sure, but is there a time of year to travel that has a higher probability of being more moderate in terms of the climate? I’d hate to spend1-2 weeks in the rain if you know what I mean, as I can go to Portland or Seattle for that….Ha!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Completely understand, Terry! I went there over the summer and I was pleasantly surprised – granted this summer was quite warm all over Europe, but we had a TON of sunshine in Ireland. I am working on a blog post about the best times to go to Ireland, so stay tuned!