Braided 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

Be the hero and save the trip when you remembered to pack an AUX cable!

You’ve got a high quality sound system and an entire catalogue of music on a device that fits into your palm. The final piece of the puzzle is the premium stereo cable the joins them together and delivers your favorite music from your iPod all the way to your ears, Zeskit!

With Zeskit cables you will enjoy your music, plain and simple. No snaps, pops or breaks in the sound from a worn out cable. And you won’t have to prop your iPod up just so, or wrap the cable around a coffee mug to keep it from shorting out. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, durability and design, you will enjoy uninterrupted music with your Zeskit audio cable! Got a new iPhone? Don’t forget a lightening to 3.5mm adapter!


  • 24K gold plated male connector (3.5mm plug) with “step down” design works without removing your phone/tablet case
  • Extended 6.5ft length reaches the back seat of your car or the far side of your desk!
  • Gloss-enameled aluminum housing at each end for protection and beauty
  • Full-length double shielded casing of woven nylon for a durable, flexible cable that won’t tangle!


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