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  1. Bridget

    Hi Kiersten,
    I’m traveling solo go Mykonos for my 40th birthday Aug 1. I’m social, active and been researching a ton. What is the best beach hotel to stay that has great social vibe? Without being there it’s touch to decide. Boheme looks my style but I heard it’s quiet and not good for social. I want to be walking distance to activities daytime, be at the trendiest beach for socializing.

    What is my best bet? I liked Boehme, I liked San Giorgio for access to Scorpios, but it’s a bit further from town. It seems I have to choose whether I want to be in town or at the beach. Is there a great beach hotel in town that has a lively atmosphere?

    Thanks so much,

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Bridget + happy (almost) birthday!

      I understand your dilemma and what a dilemma to have! Unfortunately, I haven’t stayed at either of those places, so I can’t give you a personal rec. That said, Boheme looks AMAZING.

  2. The nice article really! I find this useful although I’m not a party animal and there are really few clubs where I am. This is interesting! 🙂