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  1. Carla Vianna

    Love how you laid everything out — I always find these camera guides so helpful! Looking to put together one of my own! Also THANK YOU for sharing those camera bag options. I’ve been looking for a more casual bag for my Sony for a while!!!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      You’re most welcome, Carla! 🙂

  2. Rafaela

    Hi! 🙂

    How do you take the ” follow me ” photos?
    Is there someone else that takes those photos or do you have a tripod of some sort.

    The photos look beautiful !

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Rafaela! If you’re talking about the ones where you’re holding the person’s hand and leading them – that person whose hand you’re holding would be taking the photo 🙂 (Assuming they aren’t in the shot very much and it’s just their hand)