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  1. Christina Fisher

    Hey Kiersten,
    Awesome post! I am looking at going to Bali and Qatar Airlines is the best overall pricing. I know you didn’t leave the airport so maybe this wont apply, but do you think it’s an unsafe area to travel to? The state departments website makes it sound unsafe, but I don’t know if they are just being overly cautious. Also Qatar has a layover program where they will put you up in a hotel if your flight is laid over for more than 8 hours. They give you a voucher for the hotel, food, transport and they help you get a Visa. It all sounds good but this would be my first solo trip so I’m a little nervous haha

    • Hi Christina! Do you plan on leaving the airport? I would highly recommend flying with Qatar though Doha, especially if its the cheapest 🙂

      For the layover, the hotel is usually in the airport or attached so you don’t exit that actual airport area and would be fine. Congrats on the first solo trip! So exciting! xx

    • maria

      Hi Christina! hope you got to enjoy your trip. were you able to get the vocuher easy ? i inquired over the phone and was told because I choose a 24 hr layover i would be on my own to pay for hotel .. mmmm? i book airline today and my date is not till 16 days from now

  2. rick

    I didn’t know about this”layover program”but do know that they do give a free tour of Doha which includes food if you are laid over in daylight hours,Christina.