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  1. That was a great program to visit all the best attractions to Morocco
    Great pictures
    Keep the good work

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Thank you! I think it captured Morocco pretty nicely as well. 🙂

  2. Pyper

    Hi –
    I’m going to Morocco in August and meeting a group in Marrakech, but thinking of going a few days early with a girlfriend of mine. Which city would you most recommend for ~2 nights? Casablanca, Tangier, or Essouira? All seem relatively the same to get to from NYC.

    thanks so much!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Pyper! It truly depends on what you’re after. Essaouira is a FANTASTIC surf spot and in my opinion, the most picturesque of these three, but both the other cities are beautiful as well! Not to make the decision more difficult for you…but have you considered visiting the blue city of Chefchaouen?