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  1. Ken Nelson

    Just like to say your travel blog is amazing, as i`m just starting out with my own travel blog your blog is such an inspiration to me, my wife and I have been travelling around for 25 yrs plus so we have a passion for all things travel related, I am also a keen amateur photographer so any further advice you could give me would be welcome, and maybe at a later time when I get more established we could maybe do a guest post for each others blog, not that I think you need it as your blog is truly awesome, many thanks for all the information on your site to point me in the right direction, look forward to your comments.
    Regards Ken

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Ken, thank you so much for the kind words and best of luck on your journey! I’ve got a whole page dedicated to photography tips:

  2. Kate

    I am so ashamed not to know about grid lines. Thank you, Kiki! Do you have some materials about editing mobile photos? I’m just uncomfortable doing this in applications. Maybe you can give some advices for Iphone. Now it’s easier for me to edit on my computer with movavi, but I understand that in travel it’s impossible. I heard Lightroom is really impressive and saw your article about presets. Anyway, you have a wonderful photographs!