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  1. Great tips, I especially like the farmers’ market idea. It’s always good to avoid the restaurants in the main piazza, and their hiked-up prices.

    • Thanks! Plus you get to interact with locals, practice some of their language, and eat fresh 🙂

  2. The wife and I are planning a trip this year (6 month backpacking trip). We were looking at going the hostel route. Are they that bad? I’ve seen some nice ones on Hostelworld. They look better than some hotels. Don’t get me wrong we’ll want some privacy throughout the trip but we also want to stay on budget.

    • Alex & Michael

      Hey Edgar – great question. No, hostels are GREAT. Howstelworld has some great options and we love the work they do. However, when traveling as a couple, we have found it both more enjoyable and more affordable to book an Airbnb. You’ll probably want a 2 bed private dorm in a hostel which means you’ll pay more and sleep in twin bunk beds. Conversely, if you book an Airbnb you can probably find an entire small apartment for the same price. Check both, and also check other booking sites, but know you have many options. Your trip sounds incredible so have a wonderful time!