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  1. Rebecca Wing

    Hello, Kiki. I love your blog, simple but beautiful. I tried to do mine but can’t do it really well. I also love traveling! I just went to Las Vegas a while ago with my girl friends. We took a helicopter to Grand Canyon! That was shockingly amazing! We loved it. As well as flying above the city at night with a helicopter. My girls and I enjoyed a super great time with champagne in the air. Also I took a hot air balloon, it was so quiet in the air lol I love flying. If you haven’t you must try! Something special that I had was the lip smacking foodie tour. I hesitated at first but I was so happy about my experience! Unexpectedly one of my favorite tour!!! I got to eat kinds of food at top restaurants! P.S. I would recommend Nvstarr if you are not sure what else to do. I saw this shop whiling eating at Chinatown, it’s a new place but I was so happy with their service. Girls there are amazing xD Definitely loved my trip! Keep posting!

  2. Mary Smith

    Thanks for such a nice post on Las Vegas with a very practical ideas to cover up the city’s top attractions. The information shared is undoubtedly very helpful for the first time visitors to Vegas City.