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  1. My French husband and I moved back to Europe (from the U.S.) to Switzerland about a year ago. (Almost exactly a year ago!) Before our visits to prepare for the move, I had never been to Switzerland–and that’s after a lot of travel (and previous living stints in Europe!). What’s amazed me in the year I’ve been here is that there is no bad season, from what I’ve seen. The country is fairly small, yet it has every climate imaginable–and often within only and hour of one another. You can walk along the Lake Geneva lakefront in a sundress and then put on your parka and head one hour up to go hiking–and only a short distance further up to even still ski or explore a glacier. Truly, there is no bad time to visit Switzerland–and in many cases, that’s true no matter what you’d like to do while here!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Leslie! So glad to hear that from a fellow traveler. It’s such a beautiful country and there’s so much to see and do no matter the season…or size of the place 😉

  2. Nona

    This looks pretty amazing 🙂
    Thanks for this sharing

    • The Blonde Abroad

      My pleasure, Nona 🙂