Best Photography Equipment for Travel Blogging

Every day, I get questions about my travel gear and photography equipment for travel. I want to disclose that I am not a professional photographer but I do love sharing my travel experiences through beautiful photos, videos and vlogs.

So, here is the best photography equipment for travel blogging in my opinion!

Fujifilm Travel Photography Gear

– – The Best Camera Bodies – –


  • For the Beginner Blogger

Travel Photography Fujifilm

Fujifilm X-T10

This camera is great for people that are just starting to get their feet wet in photography and will mostly be shooting on automatic settings!

This mirrorless digital camera is one of my favorite to shoot with when I’m out exploring for the day. Of all the cameras I have used over the past few years, I’ve found that it has the best automatic settings. In addition to the pretty vintage style, the body is super lightweight and small in size, making it more discreet than other models.

If you want to test your skills at manual shooting, you are able to easily adjust the combination of aperture, shutter speed and shooting functions while concentrating on picture taking- so you have options!

More details on Fujifilm X-T10!


  • For the Aspiring or Advanced Photographer

Fujifilm XT2

Fujifilm X-T2

This camera is the newest addition to Fujifilm’s X Series, and I’m in love! I just used it for the first time on my trip to Iceland and was so happy with the quality and features.

The camera has a compact Magnesium body, and is well-balanced for handling and grip, and features a new Auto Focus system. This camera is definitely geared more towards professionals or experience photographers!

One of my favorite things is the video quality on the X-T2– it captures approx. 1.8x the required number of pixels for 4K video and 2.4x the required data for full HD video so  delivers superior quality!

More details on Fujifilm X-T2!


  • For the Travel Vlogger

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

This is my favorite point and shoot camera for video! It has impressive quality, and shoots 1080p Full HD video in MP4 format with stereo sound.

What makes it so awesome for vlogging is the preview screen’s tilt option of 180 Degree up and 45 Degree down, so you can always see your frame, even when you’re shooting yourself. You can check out some of the vlogs I’ve shot on the the camera HERE!

More details on the Canon G7 X Mark II!


  • For the Adventure Traveler

GoPro HERO 5GoPro HERO5 Black

The new GoPro HERO5 Black perfect for on-the-go travel and outdoor adventures– it’s waterproof and more durable than ever.

From shooting sunrise time lapses in Indonesia to diving deep into the Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, I don’t go anywhere without my GoPro, the 3-way Mount and extra GoPro batteries.

More details on GoPro HERO5 Black!


  • For Any Traveler

51wcdz24tlApple iPhone Unlocked Smart Phone

If a SLR camera isn’t in the budget for your next trip, snapping photos on your iPhone is a great alternative for taking travel photos.

A smart phone is not only good for taking photos and editing apps, but as a WiFi remote for your camera!

More details on Apple Unlocked iPhone!

Best Photography Equipment for Travel Blogging

– – Lenses – –


This 18-55mm lens is the first one I got for my Fujifilm X Series bodies and it is the lens I shoot with 90% of the time– it is the most versatile lens in my kit. It is great for most shots you’ll take day to day exploring.

The lens also has a great range of zoom and a solid option for everyday use!


Fujinon Prime Lens

For those not familiar, a prime lens has no zoom capability– it shoots a fixed range of distance, which allows for a better range of depth of field. The lens creates a beautiful out-of-focus background so it’s ideal for lifestyle and portrait photography.

If you’re looking for a good lens for fashion shots or photos of people when traveling, this is it!


Fujinon LensEver wanted to get an epic shot, but all the elements wouldn’t fit in the photo? You’ll need a wide angle for that!

Having a wide angle lens is awesome for landscape shots or shooting indoors in tight spaces. I typically use it when I want to shoot a large building or monument, or give something scale. If there’s not a lot of room to capture the entire scene, I’ll always switch to this lens.


Fujinon Zoom Lens

This is a big zoom lens and not something I bring on every trip. It obviously takes a lot of space in my backpack, so I only bring it when I know I’ll need it, like when I’m going on a safari! The lens has a focus range of 1.75m with a magnification of 0.19x so when you add the 1.4X Teleconverter you get an additional 1.4X zoom.

For more specification, check out My Travel Photography Gear (Perfect for Female Travelers!)!

Driving the Golden Circle

– – Photography Accessories – –

Fuji Instax PrinterFujifilm Instax Share Smart Phone Printer

Print Instax photos by sending images from your smartphones to the small, portable printer by using the free Instax Share app!

Camera Bag ONA The Bowery Camera Bag

This bag fits your camera, a lens and a few small personal items!  Remove the strap and the bg functions as a protective camera organizer inside of a larger bag.

Manfrotto Compact TripodManfrotto Compact Tripod

The perfect tripod for stable video and travel photography.

Fujifilm-BatteriesWasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger

Extra camera batteries are essential!


Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB SDXC UHS-II/U3

For use with the X-T2 camera and shooting 4K video (UHS-II/U3 card), a read transfer speed up to 2000x (300MB/s).

Lexar ProfessionalLexar Professional 633x 32GB SDHC UHS-I Card

High-speed, UHS-I technology for a read transfer speed up to 633x (95MB/s).

Memory Card Case

miniSD/microSD Memory Card Case

Keep all of your memory cards organized in this portable, hard carrying case!


4TB Portable External Hard Drive

It is imperative to backup photos and videos, so I use this hard drive. It also automatically save photos from your social networks in cloud storage!

61fisr7oxkl-_sl1500_GoPro 3-Way Mount

This mount can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra versatility and a variety of shots with you GoPro.

71s1uf5kngl-_sl1500_GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount

Clamp your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 0.25” to 2”– great for extreme sports.

LifeProof in Iceland

– – iPhone Accessories – –

813vd2url-_sl1500_LifeProof NUUD Waterproof iPhone Case

Be sure to protect you smartphone from water damage, but also capture underwater shots!



This LED light is a great tool for shooting on your iPhone! You can wirelessly sync it to native camera apps on iOS and Android thru Bluetooth.

21qthdasw5lolloclip 4-IN-1 Camera Lens Kit

This 4-in-1 lens includes a fisheye Lens, wide-angle lens, a 10x and 15x macro lens, plus 2  lens caps!


Check out my favorite smart phone photo-editing apps HERE!

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