15 Best Travel Apps

Travel planning has never been easier thanks to smartphone technology. Whether you’re looking for help with translating another language or finding the cheapest flights, these travel apps have you covered!

After years of traveling with my iPhone, I’d like to think I’ve done the travel app testing for you. These are the latest and greatest travel apps that I personally use.

Here are the 15 best travel apps!

Best Packing App:

Packing Pro ($2.99)

Packing Pro is amazing for both organized and forgetful travelers. The Expert List Assistant feature creates packing lists based on the number of travelers and days of travel. You can also pack based on temperature, destination and even laundry preferences. You can also use the app to create, edit and check-off customized packing lists.

Best Trip Planning App:

TripIt (FREE)

Organize your travel plans in one place with TripIt. TripIt syncs with your emails and automatically creates a detailed daily itinerary for your trip. Among other awesome features, you will automatically get mobile notifications if a flight is delayed or cancelled.

TripIt App

TripIt App

Best Travel Guide App:

City Maps 2 Go Pro ($2.99) | Triposo (FREE)

City Maps 2 Go is a reliable and easy-to-use global travel companion app. It provides detailed offline maps, in-depth travel content, popular places, and insider tips. Simply download the map for your destination when you have data or WiFi, then access the map offline whenever and wherever.

Not unlike City Maps 2 Go Pro, Triposo is free and works offline. Download city or country guides for more than 27,000 destinations and use them offline while you travel. For major cities, you get a special city guide with information about all the major sights, a list of great restaurants and different nightlife options.

Best Travel Planning & Assistant App:

App in the Air (FREE)

This app acts as your personal flying assistant. It keeps you up-to-date with your flight: real time status, airport tips and in-airport navigation maps, flight profile with all your flights logged. The app also works offline– gate changes and flight status updates are delivered via SMS which requires no data roaming.

App in the Air trip planning app

Best Travel Tracking App:

Been (FREE)

Easily keep track of countries and US states that you’ve visited. The app visualizes the visited countries both as a list, along with a ratio for each continent, and as a world map.

Best Gratuity Calculator App:

GlobeTipping ($.99)

How much should I tip in Spain? Is it customary to tip in Dubai? GlobeTipping is a currency calculator that provides advice for 200+ countries on how to tip adequately in specific situations. It’s also useful for calculating how to split a group bill between individuals.

Best Translator App:

iTranslate Voice 2 ($1.99) | World Lens (FREE)

iTranslator allows you to speak in 42 different languages. Simply speak into your phone using iTranslate Voice 2, and what you say gets translated into voice and text. It comes with built-in voices that don’t require an Internet connection to load making it a great travel companion.

World Lens instantly translates printed words using your built-in video camera. Simply snap a photo and World Lens translates maps, signs and labels to or from English. You’ll need to download individual language packs ($4.99 each).

iTranslator Voice 2

iTranslator Voice 2 App

Best Currency Conversion App:

XE Currency (FREE)

XE Currency lets users convert all major currencies and documents currency charts for historic rates. The app even works offline by storing the most recent exchange rates.

Best Taxi App:

Taxi Finder (FREE)

The Taxi Finder app is a must have for anyone who travels. Whenever you arrive in a city, the GPS feature links to the best taxi services and shows the rates for the trip. You can also estimate your cab fare ahead of time by entering your starting and final destination (such as the airport to your hotel).

Other Helpful Transportation Apps:

  • Google Maps | Navigating by Public Transportation, Foot or Car
  • Rome 2 Rio | Displays flight, train, bus, ferry and driving options with estimated travel times and fares
  • Waze (FREE) | Navigating by Car
  • Hopstop (FREE) | Navigating by Public Transportation

Best Flight Finder App:

Skyscanner (FREE)

Search for specific destinations and dates and Skyscanner searches thousands of airlines for the cheapest fares. It’s also the best app for flexible travel allowing you to search for the cheapest flights to any destination from your departure airline. With Skyscanner, I was able to find a flight to Europe for only $360!

Skyscanner App

Skyscanner App

Best Travel Safety App:

Travelsafe Pro ($1.29) | Android only

While traveling abroad, it’s crucial to have access to common emergency numbers (police, medical and fire) as well as your embassy. With TravelSafe Pro you can carry this information with you regardless of an internet connection.

Best International Texting App:

WhatsApp Messenger (FREE)

WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi to message with friends and family anywhere in the world. Send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, video messages or share your location with other WhatsApp users for free.

Best Travel Journaling App:

Evernote (FREE)

Evernote is an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. Perfect for documenting your travels!

Evernote App

Evernote App

Best Long-Distance Calling App:

Skype (FREE)

Skype’s video-calling service gives mobile users all the same great functions as the computer version. Make video calls to fellow Skype users for free over 3G or WiFi. You can also make reduced rate phone calls, especially long-distance.

Best Reading App:

Pocket (FREE)

Save any articles, blog posts, videos or anything else into Pocket, and you can view it later offline! It’s perfect for flights, and you can save reading material directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

Best Wi-Fi Finder App:

Wi-Fi Finder (FREE)

Quickly and easily find free or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the Wi-Fi Finder app. Download all of the locations offline, so you know how to stay connected when you are on the road.

Best Foodie App:

Foodspotting (FREE)

Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can find whatever you’re craving and see what foodspotters, friends and experts recommend wherever you go.

Foodspotting App

Foodspotting App

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