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  1. Andrew

    Hi Kiersten

    I am South African and very pleased to read your blog on Cape Town, my place of birth.

    The landscape is so diverse and beautiful. Winter rain in Cape Town and summer thunderstorms in Johannesburg. The North Westerly winds are associated with rain in Cape Town during winter and the and the gale force south easterly winds in Cape Town during summer are associated with the thunderstorms in Johannesburg.

    South Africa is all about experiencing the outdoors and socializing around a braai (BBQ). Experiencing an evening braai in the game reserves is a truly unique experience. Visiting the Kruger National Park ( home to the big 5) east of Johannesburg is an experience not to be missed.

  2. I LOVE Cape Town as well. My family recently visited, in fact I posted a couple articles on my brand new blog about the city! 1 is about driving the Cape Peninsula and 1 is a complete guide!

    My blog is
    Check it out if you have the time. I’d love to help each other out and possibly guest post on your AMAZING blog (you were actually one of my inspirations).

    I’d love any support. Thanks in advance!