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  1. Love this article and the pictures from your trips! I recently got engaged and my fiancé and I have been throwing around ideas for our honeymoon. We definitely agree that we want to do a European trip, including Italy and Greece. Any suggestions as to where specifically?? And other countries in Europe that would be great to see?

  2. Caitlin

    These are nice suggestions, but unrealistic for most people. I can’t imagine having the money or time off from work to take all these trips. Nice pictures though.

    • Emily

      That’s what I was thinking. If this is realistic for the average couple then my boyfriend and I have done a lot wrong, haha! I could maybe swing one of these trips once a year. Maybe.

    • You’d be surprised what you can accomplish if you set a goal and do everything in your power to achieve it. We saved for a year, quit our jobs, and got on a 1 way flight to Italy. We actually just wrote about this on our blog (

      But you’re right, not everyone can, or wants to do a trip of this magnitude. Maybe try to take 1 of these trips every year? Even that would be incredible!