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  1. esther

    I got back from Kenya a week ago and reading this just made miss it a million times more! What an amazing place Kenya is!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      I completely agree, Kenya is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Ludovico

    Hi Love the post!

    Hope you don/t mind me asking how much you spent on this trip. I am going in March

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Ludovico! I’d recommend taking a look at this post –

      Some of the places on the itinerary can be quite expensive, but in my opinion, they are very “bucket list” items and worth it. I can’t recall how much I spent on this itinerary, and it’s always subject to change as some of the safari resorts and places have pricing that varies by season. As you go about planning consider these costs: lodging (all-inclusive or not), transportation, if any other food is needed (if staying at places that are not all-inclusive). I hope that helps!