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  1. kulsoom

    Thank you for writing this helpful blog post!
    I will be staying in Istanbul for about 2 days, then flying to my next destination.

    Do you know, or how I could find out about leaving luggage at the Ataturk airport?

    Is using Airbnb relatively safe for a single female, or better I go to a regular hotel?

    • I would contact the airport directly! Airbnb is usually safe if you are solo try to get a whole house to yourself if you’re not comfortable staying in a house with strangers in the next room. Hotel is a safe bet.

  2. Megan

    Hi Kiersten,
    I really appreciate your article and wanted to ask if you had visited Istanbul in the past 3 years or so? I have been nervous about going to Istanbul due to the fact that every time I mention my trip to relatives or friends all they seem to remind me of is the “reconsider travel” warning label that has been issued on the Country. I really want to go due to the beautiful architecture, culture, and history that is present there. I just wondered if you had then been there recently and could tell me your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    • Hi babe! Yes, I have as well as a few friends of mine. It’s an incredible city and I didn’t feel unsafe there. But if you’re not feeling up to a solo trip, maybe bring a friend or try to find a travel companion? I have a group for female travelers on FB, just go to my fan page and you can request to join it.