My Top Dining Experiences Around the World

Some of the most beautiful places in the world also conveniently offer epic dining experiences and unbelievable food; whether it's a cliffside sunset or a close encounter with a shark.

2012: A Year of Travel in Review

2012 has truly been a dream and I am constantly counting my blessings. I'm excited to announce my travel plans for 2013 very soon, but first, I felt that a little recap of this year was necessary.

VIDEO: Zarb – The Bedouin BBQ

While in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, we tried a traditional Bedouin BBQ called Zarb. Meat, chicken and veggies are cooked in an underground pit.

Red Desert Dreams in Wadi Rum

Exploring the Wadi Rum desert from the back of a 4x4 truck and from the hump of a camel!

I’m Going to the Middle East!

In just two weeks I'll be flying across the Atlantic to get my first taste of this enchanting region of the world. My misconceptions about the Middle East and travel plans unveiled!