Homemade Hummus

I got together with Natural Chef and Nutritionalist, Amy Pamensky, to make some healthy homemade hummus - and it only took three minutes!

Amman Travel Tips

Travel information for trips to Amman. What to expect, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and helpful money saving tips.

Picture Perfect Petra

Imagining a 312 BC ancient city carved out of a sandstone rock face sounds pretty unbelievable. And unbelievable is just what it was... Here's a look at picture perfect Petra through my eyes!

Ten Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

I began my journey through Jordan in the capital city of Amman. I had an absolute BLAST exploring the city and discovering everything from delicious food to ancient Roman ruins.

Bright & Basic Travel Style

One of the best tricks to packing light is picking items that are versatile. A bright & basic travel style works on every trip.

Red Desert Dreams in Wadi Rum

Exploring the Wadi Rum desert from the back of a 4x4 truck and from the hump of a camel!

Diving in the Red Sea

Aqaba is well known for its world class diving and gorgeous reefs with options for people of all levels of diving experience.

Floating in the Dead Sea

I spent the day floating in the Dead Sea, getting covered in mineral rich mud and enjoyed a spectacular sunset from an infinity pool with a view!

I’m Going to the Middle East!

In just two weeks I'll be flying across the Atlantic to get my first taste of this enchanting region of the world. My misconceptions about the Middle East and travel plans unveiled!