Romantic Places in Czech Republic

For those of you reading who have been following our column here on The Blonde Abroad, we apologize for our hiatus. On top of a month-long period in Europe, we had some pretty challenging last couple months dealing with yet another loss in our family. Up until about a week or so ago, we haven’t even been posting blogs to our travel blog.

We wanted to start the new year off right.

2017 is going to be a fantastic year for us in that we are planning our wedding, and we are planning to visit a number of gorgeous countries that we can’t wait to share with you all.

As mentioned, we had the opportunity to spend a month in Europe back in September, and have been absolutely slacking at getting content out. One of our favorite memories from that trip was our time in the Czech Republic. We thought it only fitting that we would jump back into our column with a series that we’ve greatly enjoyed writing.

So here are 5 romantic places for couples in the Czech Republic!

North Bohemia, Czech Republic

North Bohemia

Fancy restaurants and beautiful cities can, of course, be quite romantic. However, we tend to find even more romance and peace when we are in nature. The Czech Republic is a small country, but the amount of beautiful countryside this nation offers is nothing shy of magnificent.

We had an awesome experience of cruising around North Bohemia with our friend Martin from Offroad Safari CZ and had quite a unique Czech experience.

Most people visit Czech Republic and only visit Prague– but some of our best memories from the Czech Republic were spent in a 4×4 vehicle in the northernmost parts of the country (almost getting into Poland and Germany at times).

We explored ancient architecture, panned for garnets, and had lunch at one of the most local restaurants we have ever seen. The local aspect along with the feeling of being together out in the beautiful countryside was incredibly romantic.

St. Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

The most iconic bridge in Prague and arguably one of the most iconic bridges in Europe. The Charles Bridge is 700 years old and has carried many travelers from the center of Prague toward the castle side of the Vltava River.

The bridge gets quite crowded, but it never loses that sense of magic. You’ll see artists painting as your ears start to pick up on the locals playing music in hopes for tips.

One of the nights we were in Prague was actually during a super moon. As such, we had the chance to see a super moon hovering over the bridge as we walked down from the castle and into the center of the city.

Top of Pilsen Bell Tower

Pilsen Cathedral, Pilsen

Pilsen is a city you should definitely visit if you’re in the Czech Republic. The train from Prague to Pilsen is only about 1.5 hours each way and only will cost you about $9 return.

Public transportation, especially trains are amazing in Czech Republic cities.

We took a tour with our friends at Pilsen Joy not only got to climb up to the top of the bell tower to see the gorgeous city, but also had the opportunity to eat at a local pub and tour the Pilsner Urquell factory.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, Prague

It’s been a long time since a church/castle actually took our breath away. After checking into our B&B in Prague, we decided to head up to the castle for sunset. Our minds were absolutely blown as we walked around this architectural masterpiece.

The town square surrounding the castle and its position on the hill above Prague make for an even more romantic, fairy tale experience. We regrettably didn’t have the opportunity to enter or climb the castle, but just walking around it was magical enough for us.

Dancing House Prague

The Dancing House, Prague

Ok….we admit that this is more so just a street corner that has become increasingly more popular due to social media. However, we thought it would be a fun/romantic idea to head over to the dancing house and dance outside of it.

If you’re not familiar with Prague then you might not be familiar with the fact that the city has a mix of unique architecture ranging from Baroque and Gothic Era style architecture to incredibly modern buildings as well.

The Dancing House was completed about 20 years ago, so it definitely stands out among the formerly mentioned Baroque and Gothic buildings in the area. The structure makes its such that the swaying building looks almost to be dancing.

So grab your dancing shoes, and do something unique. Go dancing at the dancing house.

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