3-Way Bag for Travel C12

When you are traveling, it’s essential to have the perfect day bag. Living out of a suitcase means that you need gear that’s versatile and easy to organize. It’s rare to find a bag that really works for multiple occasions and scenarios, especially on long trips– most women’s day bags are either totally impractical or shamelessly unfashionable.

The C12 bag from Bartaile is definitely a top pick. They’ve got an ultra practical, fashionista-friendly day bag that will carry your computer and all of your other daily essentials, AND can be used in three different ways. On the hunt for the perfect travel bag?

Here’s everything you need to know about the C12 Bag from Bartaile!

C12 by Bartaile

Why the C12 Bag is Awesome for Travel

Bartaile has created the hashtag #fashioncanbeintelligent. Designed by both fashion and industrial designers, their bags are the ultimate blend of form and function. Their practical and chic style means that you can get away with just bringing one bag on your adventure.

The thing that I love about the C12 is that it’s a three-way bag.

You can carry it as a tote, backpack, or messenger bag. The straps are detachable and multifunctional. You can clip the straps together to create one long strap or separate them for two backpack straps.

C12 Backpack by Bartaile

C12 Tote Bag

C12 Messenger Bag

Rather than feeling like an out-of-place backpacker when you want to go somewhere chic, you can ditch the backpack straps in a flash and carry a classic oversized tote. For long days of exploring, I carry mine as a messenger bag. It leaves my hands free while keeping all my valuables right at my side so I don’t have to worry about pickpocketing.

C12 Bag Features

The Features of the C12 Bag

The C12 bag by Bartaile is 16.5″ x 13″ x 3″ so you have got plenty of space for everything you need throughout the day. Even on days when I carry my laptop, I can still fit all of my daily must-haves into the bag. The C12 has a padded 15” laptop/ tablet sleeve, easy-access compartments and snap pocket for your valuables.

As a bonus, this durable bag is water repellent too.

When you are traveling in snowy areas or during monsoon seasons, having a water resistant bag can save your computer so it’s always one of the top features that I look for in an everyday bag.

C12 Bag

About Bartaile

The backstory of the brand name is actually pretty cool too. The Bartaile is a bird that travels from Alaska to New Zealand in eight days without a single pause. That’s no water, no sleep and no rest. These little birds are truly unstoppable. And that’s what the brand is all about: creating accessories that will keep you moving.

The C12 Bag is actually Bartaile’s very first product so if you are looking to get a head of the trend, this is definitely a bag you’ll want to check out. With innovative design and cutting edge style, this is a lifestyle brand that’s definitely going somewhere.


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