Traveling as a Couple

If you’ve never been traveling as a couple, you’re in for a massive surprise when you finally do. No, we don’t mean a trip from LA to Vegas. What we mean is an extended holiday where you find yourselves in a country neither of you have ever been to, hearing a language you don’t understand, and engaging in activities you’ve never even fathomed.

We’ve had many experiences that really show the reality of traveling as a couple.

Kiersten will attest to this wholeheartedly… travel is not all glamour. While we travel a bit differently (as most of our travel is together), the fact remains that the reality is not always what you see on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media outlet.

Relationships in and of themselves are hard work, so one must expect traveling as a couple to be extremely hard work.

Couples Travel Bucket List

Finding oneself in a challenging situation often changes temperaments and can lead to misunderstandings. Different agendas often lead to calendar conflicts and the inability to visit every site you hoped to see.

We’ve had times where one of us wants to explore an art museum while the other is only interested in finding the best gelato and exploring the city by foot. Be sure to remain flexible and open to each other’s suggestions. It will make for a smoother trip filled with unexpected surprises.

Let’s face it, in life there is good and bad. Without the bad, we don’t know what the good truly is. Without sadness we have no idea what true happiness is. Without stress and challenge we have no appreciation for calm and ease.

Couples Travel Bucket List

So embrace the times you miss that train or get caught walking 2 miles back to your villa in the pouring rain! You may stumble upon the most breathtaking beach you’ve ever seen or discover your new favorite cafe!

The reality of traveling as a couple is the reality of a relationship.

Challenges inevitably arise, and ultimately some couples choose to end their relationships while others like us stand the test us time and emerge stronger, deeper in love, and even better of a team.

reality of traveling as a couple

There’s no doubt that you will see your partners true colors while on the road and ultimately discover if you are a true match or not.

However, on that same note, the reality of traveling as a couple is the reality of a relationship – and it’s absolutely one of the most rewarding and memorable things you’ll ever do.

Traveling as a couples in Greece

Our travels have challenged us, taught us a multitude, and brought us closer in every facet of our relationship (physically, from sharing twin beds, to being emotionally connected on a deeper level).

The bottom line is this: traveling as a couple is imperative to the success, strength, and happiness of any relationship. 90% of our travels have been filled with absolute joy, love, adventure, and are literally the best memories of our lives.

The truth is, looking back on all of those challenging moments, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Those are the moments that add to your story as a couple. Those are the moments that you’ll look back on as the best of your life.

Traveling as a Couple in Italy

So book a trip with your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband, wife, or whatever you call your significant other and go have the time of your life! Face the challenges and grow from the experience.

We have been together for 3 years and we can confidently claim that our travels are our fondest memories. We have done some incredible things together these past few years, but a strong majority of our conversations are about our travel experiences. Life is all about memories and experiences!

So go! Just go!

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