Romantic Italian Getaway on a Budget

Making Italy romantic isn’t hard.  Heck, it’s almost impossible not to feel romance in Italy.  However, making it both romantic and budget-friendly might present some problems, especially during peak travel season.

Travelers are constantly pulled in by tourist traps and inevitably tend to spend more than anticipated on longer trips.  However, in our extended time living abroad in Italy, we came up with a number of ways to make Italy both as romantic and affordable as possible. 

So, follow these tips plan a romantic Italian getaway on a budget!

Italy Couples Travel

– Travel at the Right Time –

The shoulder season (or off peak season) from October to April will present the cheapest flights and less crowds. Less crowds mean you can see more and have more privacy during your adventures!

If you have an airline credit card or a travel credit card, take advantage of the miles you receive as a signing bonus! Typically, you can apply them and make it to Rome or Milan for free strategically. 

From these central cities you can take the train anywhere in Italy.

The Euro has been down all year, so if you’re traveling from the States, the strength of the dollar is actually quite good.  Take advantage of this and travel to Italy while the Euro is only about 10% over the USD.

Couples Travel Italy

– Get an Airbnb –

Because as a couple you’ll not only pay more for a private hostel but you’ll also be in a hostel – which is really only great if you’re 19 and drunk. Having an Airbnb allows you and your significant over to feel at home, almost like a local, in Italy and is super romantic. 

In contrast to hotels you’re also going to save a ton of money!

Biking in Lucca, Italy

– Rent Bikes –

You’ll find bikes in Italy for as cheap as a few Euros a day.  Take advantage of this and take your significant other on a romantic bike ride as you explore a new city!

Couples Travel Venice

– Pizza, Panini, e Vinni –

The best pizza we have ever had was about €7 and the best panini we have ever had was about €5. We could literally eat either for any meal, any day.  So, take advantage of this.

Grab €10 bottle of wine and enjoy a panini in a park.  Unlike most cheaper wines, a €10 wine in Italy is usually very good!

Picnic in Florence

– Make a Picnic –

We learned really quickly that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a romantic date. Buy a bottle of wine, some cheese, prosciutto and gelato (dessert doesn’t have to be last!) and sit over the river in Florence or find a park.

Maybe you’re visiting a coastal town?  Take your picnic to the beach!

Couple in Portofino

– Visit Local Farmers’ Markets –

Farmers’ markets are the best places to find awesome fresh local food that is super inexpensive. You can find everything from produce to meats, cheeses, wines, and even souvenirs and trinkets. 

Of course sometimes we want to go out to eat, but the alternative of making meals or getting picnic supplies from a local Farmers’ market is a great way to save money.

Italian Getaway on a Budget

– Eat and Drink Regionally –

If you’re in Tuscany, eat and drink Tuscan cuisine.  Don’t look for a good ol’ bottle of whiskey or American dishes.  Enjoy the culture and experience new things regardless of where you are, and save money in doing so!

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