Trips to take in 2016

2016 is the year for adventures- and I’ve compiled some of my favorite adventures to start of the year. From the Death Road in Bolivia, to scaling a mountain in China, and flying from a trapeze in Santa Monica, there is an adventure for everyone.

Here are 16 adventurous trips to take in 2016!

World's Deadliest Road in Bolivia

Cycle the World’s Deadliest Road in Bolivia

You’ll find the World’s Deadliest Road in Bolivia–North Yungus Road aka El Camino de la Muerte. The journey surpasses 15,000 ft. elevation and 40 miles–and you’ll have to brave crammed dirt roads and an appalling lack of railing–attracting daredevils from all over the world. The road claims 300+ lives each year!

But the stunning panoramas of the Amazon jungle canopy and waterfalls are definitely worth it! Make sure you’re physically fit and accustomed to mountain biking–I’m not talking here pros but confident beginners would be enough.

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Deadliest Trail in China

Hike the Deadliest Trail in China

Test your balance on Mt. Huashan- travelers climb almost 7,000 feet up to a little tea house on this famous peak. With steep ascents, narrow walkways and crumbling staircases, it’s no wonder to see why it’s been dubbed the deadliest trail in China.

As someone who is petrified of heights, I had to push myself a lot on this adventure, but it was absolutely unforgettable!

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Backpack Yosemite

Backpack Yosemite

Join thousands of hikers by trekking into Yosemite National Park, a splendorous wilderness spanning over 1,100 square miles in the heart of North America. You’ll be blown away by the stunning landscapes and miles of uninhabited wilderness!

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Fly a Plane in San Diego

Fly a Plane in San Diego

Live your dream as a pilot for a day! Let San Diego’s sunny skies and encouraging gusts inspire you to take to the skies by piloting your very own plane.

Join former Air Force and certified pilots aboard an Extra 330LC, Cessna 172 or Marchetti SF260. Take the reigns and learn loops, stalls, spins, and rolls, or practice formation flying like a fighter pilot.

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Skydive Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Skydiving at Wanaka is relatively new, but one of the more sensational adventures you’ll have in New Zealand. Strap yourself to a co-pilot and launch out 15,000 feet above into the air.

The breathtaking views of the vivid green meadows and sparkling waters of Lakes Wanaka and Hawea make it a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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Snowboard in Whistler

Snowboard in Whistler, BC

Catch the drift in Whistler-Blackcomb with your snowboard. The two peaks are ideal conditions to practice your latest moves and curves. If you’re a newbie, never fear–the Snow School is one of the best schools in North America to sharpen your snowboarding skills and gain confidence.

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Glacier in Iceland

Hike a Glacier in Iceland

Iceland is bursting with dramatic icescapes and melting glaciers. Scale the highest summit of the impressive Sólheimajökull glacier- nearly 7,000 feet- or head out east to Skaftafell National Park for a glimpse of gigantic glacial tongues and legendary ice caves.

Glacier guide and all glacier gear included!

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Australia Destination Guide

Explore the Outback of Australia

The Outback is an incomparable wilderness; it is a severe, rugged, fascinating place spanning roughly 2.5 million square miles!

Join a guide and driver into your four-wheel drive and hit the sand dunes. Cover huge empty distances into the land where unspoiled nature reigns supreme, and visit Ayers Rock monolith, lively Alice Springs, the Great Victoria Desert and the Nullarbor Plain!

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PADI Scuba Dive Certified

Get PADI Scuba Dive Certified

There’s no better way to pick up your scuba diving credentials than while abroad! Learn what it takes to earn a PADI certification in the beautiful waters of Mexico, Belize, Tahiti, etc.

Suit up in wetsuit or drysuit and learn the language of underwater signals. Diving in the open ocean will introduce you to the colorful and diverse world of barrier reefs and marine life, and what’s more, it’s a skill you can take practically everywhere!

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Fly Trapeze in Santa Monica

Enter the world of acrobats by taking a trapeze class on the Santa Monica Pier. Here’s your chance of fulfilling your dream of flying!

Acrobatics are a great way to delve into a new art form and test your physical limits. These skills will open up a whole new type of physical finesse to you–and you may find yourself delving into aerial silks, lyra, or trampoline.

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Inca Trail

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail is a pilgrimage for all travelers to South America, and is said to be one of the top 5 hikes in the world. Cover 26 miles of alpine jungle, lush cloud forest and Inca ruins and tunnels to the beautiful Lost City of the Incas.

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Oahu Stairway to Heaven

Take an Epic Hike

Hiking a new destination often leads to the best views you can find! Most recently, I climbed the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu, also known as Haiku Stairs, is one of the most popular “forbidden” hikes. People climb up here for the breathtaking panoramic views, even though the trail is closed today.

As beautiful as the views are, I cannot stress how difficult this hike is. At times, the trail narrowed to only a foot wide with steep drop-offs of more than 1,000 ft on both sides. The most dangerous part of this hike is the weather. Be cautious!

Wadi Rum, Jordan

4×4 Tour and Camping in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Join a professional camel guide to the beautiful Wadi Rum in Jordan. The journey often includes a luxury tent, camel ride, sandstone mountains–all under exotic nights camping under the stars.

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Cenote Azul

Swim in a Cenote in Rivera Maya, Mexico

The Yucatán Peninsula is a perfect location to kick up your heels under the sun and coaxing sound of the surf. While you’re there, cool off in the underworld of turquoise pools, known as cenotes. There is something magical about swimming in these waters, under a jungle-framed sky.

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Trips to take in 2016

Visit the Largest Salt Flat in the World in Bolivia

Drive through the blinding white sea of the Salt Flats of Uyuni. This Bolivian desert is made up almost entirely of salt and rock formations, creating an otherworldly, but beautiful, landscape.

Explore the multicolored lakes, enjoy the deafening silence, and glimpse a rare flock of pink flamingos.

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California Coast Road Trip

California Coast Road Trip

No visit to California would be complete with a jaunt on the Pacific Coast Highway. Hit the beach at Santa Barbara, have a Danish at Solvang, “California’s Little Denmark,” peek into Hearst Castle and at the fun-loving seals and sea lions at Monterey Bay Aquarium!

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