How to Pick the Best Travel Bag for Your Next Trip

While picking the perfect piece of luggage is one challenge, deciding which travel bag to pack for day use on a trip is another.

Depending on whether you’re backpacking Europe, spending the weekend in New York, or have a business trip to Bangkok, here are some helpful tips on how to pick the best travel bag for your next trip.

The Ultimate Carry On Bag

· · · The Ultimate Carry-On Bag · · ·

The Lo & Sons’ Overnight & Gym Bag is my go-to carry-on bag. It’s lightweight, has normal purse style handles, plus a larger cross-body strap which is great if you’re lugging around a lot of stuff.

For business travelers, there’s also a padded laptop compartment and a side pocket for carrying an extra pair of shoes- so you easily can go from flats to heels before you even exit the aircraft!

The Ultimate Carry On Bag

Lo & Sons OG Bag

  • A Place for Everything

  • Travel Ready

  • Premium Materials


Lo & Sons Camera Bag

· · · The Stylish Camera Bag · · ·

If you’re like me, you never leave home without your camera. But, it’s important for me to store my camera in a bag, rather than wearing it around my neck so I don’t stick out as a tourist and don’t become a target for theft.

My Lo & Sons Claremont Crossbody Bag is the ultimate blend of style & versatility, while still being perfectly practical. The leather exterior ensures durability and the padded interior protects my camera while I’m out exploring.

Stylish Camera Bag

Claremont Crossbody Bag

  • Designed for DSLR Cameras

  • Doesn’t Look Like a Camera Bag

  • Thoughtful Features


Lo & Sons Travel Bag

· · · The Versatile Day Bag · · ·

For the perfect every day travel bag, I love my convertible leather crossbody bag and clutch by Lo & Sons. The Pearl’s buttery leather exterior is ultra luxurious making it perfect for transitioning from a day of exploring to a clutch for a night out.

It even features padded zipper compartment for protecting a mini-tablet or smart phone and has tons of pockets for traveling with your essentials.

Lo & Sons Travel Bag

The Pearl Convertible Crossbody Bag

  • Fits All the Essentials

  • Convertible Strap

  • Premium Materials


Which style of travel bag is your favorite?

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