The Foodie's Guide to Gothenburg

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is a beautiful port city that is famous for its seafood. While there are plenty of places to try Swedish cuisine, the city also has a thriving international cuisine scene too.

If you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie,” then Gothenburg has some great places to dine, ranging from simple Swedish fare up to high class cuisine in beautiful settings.

Here are Gothenburg’s best foodie destinations that should be on your radar!

  • Miss Sophie

The stylish restaurant come nightclub is where many of the city workers in Gothenburg come to wind down on the weekend. The setting at Miss Sophie is sublime, with a blend of French decorating and a wonderful open kitchen. The steaks and Negra pork loin are highlights on the menu and, with club rooms and a great selection of drinks, there is no need to go anywhere else for a great Friday or Saturday night out.

Miss Sophie, Gothenburg

Come for: The Decor

  • Levantine Bistro

Another great French restaurant to be found in Gothenburg is Levantine Bistro. This bistro offers some wonderful French dishes such as Beef Bourguignon along with traditional Swedish favorites. This is a wonderful place to visit in the summer, when their charming terrace is open, for a glass of champagne or rosé.

Levantine, Gothenburg

Come for: Brunch

  • Magazzino Ristorante Italiano

Magazzino Ristorante Italiano is a traditional Italian restaurant in the heart of Gothenburg that is popular among the artists and musicians of the city. The great range of Italian wines here is matched with some great food. While the ravioli is tasty and authentic, many of this restaurant’s visitors opt for the pizza, which is truly Italian and made with a wonderful sourdough base.

Magazzino Ristorante Italiano, Gothenburg

Come for: Lunch with the Locals

  • Dorsia

The care taken when preparing the interior of Dorsia is truly impressive, and the food is as good as the setting. Swedish and international influences are seen on the menu and, along with the food, there is also a wonderful bar available. With a wide selection of Gin and Tonic varieties, the selection makes for a very interesting cocktail menu.

Dorsia, Gothenburg

Come for: Outstanding Service

  • Burgersson

Burgersson is wonderful restaurant that offers some great home-made burgers served in freshly baked buns and paired with fries and a great selection of sides. The burgers are famous for their perfection and most visitors will complement the meal with one of the wonderful locally brewed beers that are served at the bar.

Burgersson, Gothenburg

Come for: Fast Fresh Food & Micro Brews

  • The BARN

Set in a rustic interior that takes its cues from the restaurant’s name, The BARN is a great place for burgers that are all made with meat that has been freshly ground on site. Their menu features a variety of perfect portions and their cocktails are to die for.

The BARN, Gothenburg

Come for: Burgers & Truffle Mayo

  • Holy Cow Brgrs & Stuff

Sensing a theme here? Gothenburg is a city that LOVES a great burger. Holy Cow has an authentic American theme and is one of the best the city has to offer. Great burgers are served with either waffle fries or regular fries are nicely complemented by wonderful desserts. There’s also a great selection of diner-style delicacies, including their hardshakes (alcoholic milkshakes)! Yum!

Holy Cow Brgrs & Stuff, Gothenburg

Come for: A Boozy Milkshake

  • Sjömagasinet

Located in a 17th century warehouse, Sjömagasinet takes dining to the highest standards. It’s a great place to enjoy Swedish cuisine and some of the best seafood in all of Scandinavia. From smoked halibut to their famous lobster salad, this is where many of Gothenburg’s ultimate foodies come when they want to enjoy the best of local cuisine.

Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg

Come for: Michelin Star Seafood

  • Moon Thai Kitchen

The quirky interior of Moon Thai Kitchen plays on some of the stereotypes of Thai culture, with tuk-tuks and bamboo fences lining the walls. Eccentric decor aside, this really is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city. Moon Thai Kitchen has a great mix of visitors and locals, with tasty spicy dishes such as the Red Curry, and an excellent range of drinks too.

Moon Thai Kitchen, Gothenburg

Come for: Tasty Thai

  • Korv United

Sausages are one of the most popular street foods in Gothenburg, and whether it is in a bun or served in a flat bread with mashed potato, Korv United is a great place for a hearty snack. Run by two Germans who live in the city, here you’ll find a HUGE selection of sausages and delicious homemade coleslaw.

Korv United, Gothenburg

Come for: Gourmet Grab-&-Go

What’s your favorite foodie spot in Gothenburg?

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