As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest city in Australia and is famous for its superb beaches, its vibrant cultural scene and for its cosmopolitan, international population. This beautiful harbor city has a lot to offer budget and luxury travelers (and everyone in between)!

These travel tips will help you plan an exciting and unforgettable trip to Sydney!


What to Expect in Sydney

  • Language: English is the predominant language, although there are also several Asian languages also spoken among their respective communities.
  • Currency: The Australian Dollar ($)
  • Credit Cards and Banks: There are plenty of ATMs located around the city, while most stores will accept Mastercard and Visa, although acceptance for AMEX is usually only at larger retailers.
  • Climate: Sydney enjoys warm summers and mild winters, with even the record lows not dropping below freezing and summer highs regularly over 80 degrees.
  • Cold season: From June until August