The southernmost tip of Jordan meets the Red Sea at the town of Aqaba. After spending the previous day at the Dead Sea, I was headed to Aqaba for an entirely different Jordanian experience: Diving! Aqaba is well known for its world class diving and gorgeous reefs with options for people of all levels of diving experience. There are over 30 main diving locations including a shipwrecked tank diving site!

Aqaba is located near the borders of Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia

After checking into yet another beautiful Kempinksy Hotel in Aqaba, I was excited to get my feet wet. Last summer, I unsuccessfully attempted to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, but learned some very important and valuable lessons:

  • You cannot dive and fly in the same day. I planned on diving in the GBR and then flying out that evening. I was sadly notified that I would be unable to live out one of my lifelong dreams of diving for the first time in one of the most incredible wonders of the world. I still went snorkeling, but spare yourself the disappointment and plan ahead.
  • Make sure you are listed on the crew sheet. I almost got left out at sea while on my trip to the GBR. You can read the full story about my Great Barrier Reef nightmare, but seriously, make sure the staff takes names after each dive!

This time, I was fully prepared to dive!

We went diving at two locations; one that was bustling with sea life and another that had an incredibly intricate coral reef. I had planned on sharing a video of the whole experience but, unfortunately, I learned that the GoPro Hero 2 doesn’t take good quality video underwater! I was so disappointed after reviewing the footage and finding everything grainy and completely unusable.

Luckily, I brought my Canon s95 waterproof casing so I was able to capture some great photos of the experience. Here are some of my favorite shots:

The perfect side profile

I wanted to see him puff!

Amazing view of the reefs full of fish

Some of the divers exploring the reef

An eel hiding in the sea grass

I had such an incredible time on my “discovery dive” thanks to my amazing dive master. I would highly recommend making Aqaba one of your choice destinations while visiting Jordan.

I am oFISHally addicted!

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