I can’t remember the last birthday I had that didn’t include cake and a big party. This year, for my birthday, I wanted to do something a little different. A San Diego stay-cation! Nothing beats Summertime in San Diego between the beautiful beaches and countless outdoor activities. So, I rounded up my girlfriends for a fun filled day at the La Jolla Coves.

It’s my birthday I’ll go kayaking if I want to!

None of us had ever been kayaking at the famous La Jolla Coves. Isn’t that always the case? Never exploring your own backyard? Well not this time! The guys at Everyday California organized a kayak tour complete with cave “sort-of” spelunking and snorkeling.  Growing up in California I’m accustomed to wetsuits, but for those of you who aren’t fortunate to live by the deep blue sea, they are TIGHT! After wiggling ourselves into the sealskin-like jumpsuits we made our way from the La Jolla Kayak Tours office down to the shoreline.

The kayak crew!

We packed ourselves into three kayaks and paddled our way out to the coves. During certain times of the year you can see all kinds of sea life including dolphins, leopard sharks, Garibaldi fish and sea lions! We were lucky enough to see a sea lion and her baby just outside one of the caves and tons of the big orange Garibaldi under the water.

The whole experience was awesome and I can’t wait to go again! Everyday California has locations in La Jolla, Mission Beach and Sunset Beach and offers scuba diving, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and plenty of fishing options. Next visit: I’m getting Scuba certified!

Be sure to visit their website for more information! Everyday California

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