Waiheke Island Ferry

Waiheke Island Ferry

Blaine, Wally, and I planned to go to Waiheke Island for the day but woke up to black clouds and rain. We decided to grab breakfast and see how the weather was looking before making any set plans. We had breakfast and coffees at Shaky Isles in the city, and just as we were finishing up, the rain started to pour down. Despite the inclement weather, we figured a day on Waiheke Island would beat sitting at home moping over the rain. Wally’s friend Kim met us at the ferry station and we took the ferry over to the island.

Stocking up on libations for the day

Wally’s friend Bex has a house right on the beach on Waiheke so we met her and her boyfriend Logan for a day of fun. The rain finally cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine! We spent the day playing BYC (back yard cricket) and drinking ciders and wine. We ended up getting a bit boozed off everything and had a great time attempting to feed ourselves.

Back Yard Cricket + dog obstacles

We ended up barefoot at the grocery store shopping for whole chickens and rolls to make sandwiches. In Waiheke, no shoes, no shirt, no problem! We made the rounds for some serious sandwich making, and being the difficult pescatarian that I am, grabbed some crackers and salmon pate. We made our way to the beach for the last sliver of sunlight and enjoyed a beautiful island sunset.

I stole the beach all for myself

We spent the rest of the night congregated in the common room by the fire. We stayed late and played a card game called Presidents and @$$holes and watched amazingly awful 80’s music videos. The entire day we were cracking jokes and sharing as many inappropriate stories as we could think of. It was such a fun day and we were absolutely exhausted by the time we caught the last ferry back home!

The boys between games

Waiheke Island is definitely worth a visit even if you don’t have a backyard to play cricket in!

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