The Ultimate Florianopolis Travel Guide

The Brazilian island has been a popular beach destination for surfers and partiers for decades. Here's my ultimate Florianopolis travel guide and tips!

February 16, 2016|

Where to Find the Best Vegetarian Food in Buenos Aires

Of all the fascinating places in Latin America, Buenos Aires is the most eclectic, and vibrant cities. Here's my guide to vegetarian food in Buenos Aires!

February 8, 2016|

The Ultimate Guide to Rio in a Weekend

While exploring Brazil, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Rio de Janeiro. From stunning beaches, monuments, and food- check out my guide to Rio!

February 4, 2016|

Why You Need to Travel to Chile Now

Chile is a beautiful destination, and has an amazing culture and cuisine that should be experienced. Here's why you need to travel to Chile now!

February 3, 2016|

Tips for Getting a Visa for Brazil in Los Angeles

For US citizens, getting a visa for Brazil is no picnic- here are my tips for getting a visa for Brazil in Los Angeles, in the least stressful way possible!

January 20, 2016|

Highlights from my Holiday Cruise with Crystal Cruises

Here are some of the highlights from my Holiday Cruise with Crystal Cruise where I celebrated Christmas on board and New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro!

January 10, 2016|

The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking South America

As a large and diverse continent, you will have different experiences wherever you explore. Here is my beginner's guide to backpacking South America!

October 12, 2015|

Top Tips for Taking an Overnight Bus

Depending on where you're traveling, you may need to take an overnight bus. Prepare yourself with these top tips for taking an overnight bus!

June 4, 2015|

Things To See & Do At The World Cup in Brazil

Both inside and outside of the stadiums, here's a quick look at things you shouldn't miss if you travel to Brazil for the World Cup this summer!

May 2, 2014|

Pink Flamingos at Aguas Calientes

The hot springs opened up to crystal blue waters inhabited by pink flamingos and a horizon of snow capped volcanoes.

February 6, 2014|

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour (Part 2)

Read on as I continue the tale of our tour! Day 3 was action packed and on Day 4 we beat the sun to the Salar de Uyuni: the world’s largest salt flats!

April 9, 2012|

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour (Part 1)

The last 48 hours of the tour left me speechless and we hadn't even made it to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. Mother Nature you are one SEXY lady!

April 2, 2012|