2012: A Year of Travel in Review

2012 has truly been a dream and I am constantly counting my blessings. I'm excited to announce my travel plans for 2013 very soon, but first, I felt that a little recap of this year was necessary.

Meet Toro: A Very Special Souvenir

A creative idea to share your travel experience with someone of any age. I traveled all over Europe with a little stuffed bull and made a picture book for my two year old niece. It's a simple and very special gift for any loved one.

The World Cup for Kiteboarding

While visiting the gorgeous island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands I was lucky enough to go to the 2012 World Cup for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing.

Capture the Colour

The difficulty with color is to go beyond the fact that it’s color – to have it be not just a colorful picture but really be a picture about something.

A Photo Tour of Salamanca, Spain

I was overwhelmed by the sights, smells and people and delighted in their unfamiliar warmth. I'll never forget the beauty of this city or the humble and friendly people that made Salamanca feel like home.

Visiting the Temples of Angkor in Two Days

Overall, I think most people would get enough out of a two day tour of the temples of Angkor. Our days were exciting and you see plenty of temples!