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  1. Bella Marin

    I have only been solo in my native homeland of Canada! Very excited to branch out and visit Thailand. also, who takes your photos when you travel solo? Thanks

    • Hey Bella! I take my own photos when I travel solo 🙂 I use a tripod and a timer.

  2. Martina Grossi

    Absolutely loved the “Survive the flight” tip! I always make sure I stay hydrated, even if that means I need to answer toilet’s call quite often jaja! I also take a few minutes every 2 hours or so to stretch and walk down the aisle and even do a bit of yoga–which is proven to be a good way for meeting people!

    I also have my “long-flight kit”: my kindle, some good podcasts downloaded on my phone, my notepad and, of course, comfy socks –I never pack sleepers, I try to be as frugal as possible!

    Loved the post xoxo