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  1. Allisson Nadler

    Your advice is very interesting, I highly recommend finding a good site of interest that gave you a nice view and have a playlist to enjoy the moment.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      That’s such a good idea, Allisson. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Travel burnout is REAL. This year I’ve really taken a step back from international travel and have been focusing more on shorter domestic getaways (I live in NorCal so there are plenty of options). Rather than feeling restless and antsy like I have in the past, I’ve actually felt really happy, content and grounded. It’s a good feeling! And I know I’ll feel super ready for my next big getaway after taking this short break.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      That’s so great to hear, Kelly! And yes, there are so many cool places where we live – we just have to be in that mindset of exploring your hometown/local area and that you can find adventure there too. 🙂